Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These mids will be the next Mars Rover scientists

When other moms find out I have a blog, the typical question I get is, "WHY?" or, "How do you possibly have time?"

As for the first question, one of the answers is, "Because when you have your own blog, you get to write about stuff that is really, really interesting to you, but probably fewer than 0.01% of the population finds interesting." Example below. But first, an explanation.

From the Youtube website, here's what Curtis, age 18, writes:

"At 1815 on 12MAR09 the class of 2012 successfully placed a blue-rimmed cover on the gold obelisk that is atop the Naval Academy Chapel dome. This uncanny tradition dates back to the early 1970's where midshipmen have been caught climbing the chapel dome. Tradition states that, if successful, the fourth class will receive "carry-on" for an unspecified length of time. The task was accomplished utilizing a helium-filled, weather balloon attached to lines. The cover was then placed and released on the dome via a radio controlled device. Please join us in support as the class of 2012 carries on tradition and promotes esprit de corps."

To read more about how he did it, read Hometown Annapolis news.

As for the second question, "How do you possibly have the time?" The answer is, "My house is a mess...my kids are watching television...and the dog needs to be walked."


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Aussie Therese said...

Isn't it amazing. My house is a mess and my children are watching television too. The dog needs a walk too. I think I will make one of the older children do it this afternoon.