Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thankfulness: Day 3--Friends

If you're a mom of young children, chances are you don't get to spend much time hanging out with friends. "Moms' Night Out" is an infrequent luxury. Time to chat over coffee (or a glass of wine) comes rarely, and those times we eke out after church or picking up kids from activities are too often interrupted by our darling children.

I'm thankful for those friends who put up with my infrequent contact or my inability to spend much time with them. I'm thankful for the time I do get to spend with friends and I cherish it in part because it comes so infrequently.

I'm thankful for the internet and Facebook, which helps me stay in touch with old, far-away friends, as well as new "virtual" friends. My husband and kids don't understand this idea of "virtual" friends. That is, friends whom I only know online and haven't really met in person. It's actually quite fun to meet these virtual friends (usually at homeschooling gatherings) and when my husband and kids have had the chance to meet some of my online friends and their families in person, they've been pleasantly surprised. And I've even had the chance to get together with old friends thanks to being in touch on Facebook. It's so much fun to re-connect with old school mates and find out what's been going on in their lives for the past 20 or 30 years.

So, for all my friends, both old and new, near and far-away, I'll offer up a prayer of thanks for you today.

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Amy R said...

Thank you from one of your near friends!