Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Thankfulness--Day 1: My family

old picture...the dog is now big enough to be holding a couple of kids
From time to time my wonderful husband and kids remind me that I haven't been writing much lately. Life has been busy and my thoughts too random to take the time and energy needed to rein in a few, organize them and publish them for the world to see. Frankly, I find myself quite fulfilled with my own family and circle of friends to bother much with the wider world of the blogosphere.

But my oldest son recommended I choose a theme and write about that for a while. All day yesterday, different themes have been running through my mind and I wondered if I had enough material to write much about one or the other...or enough Christian charity to write about moral or political issues and still have something to say.

I've decided to attempt a blog posting a day in November with the theme of thankfulness.

My family immediately comes to mind, with my long-suffering husband at the top of the list. They see me at my worst, but they still love me. They take my angry outbursts and (sometimes) illogical emotional displays without holding a grudge. They encourage and support me. They show me unconditional love.

Thank you, my dear husband, for not calling me crazy (even though I thought I must be crazy) when I first mentioned the idea of homeschooling 21 years ago. Thank you for supporting me when I was a working mother of one infant with one on the way and I was commuting 3 hours a day to my job as a Navy lieutenant in Washington, DC. I was always exhausted--emotionally and physically drained--but you never scolded me for a messy house or a lousy dinner (a most attractive feature which you display to this day). You always tell me how gorgeous I am, even when I don't feel gorgeous. You have always given me everything I ever desired. I could never have been a mom to ten or homeschooled for even one single day if it weren't for your great love and support. Thank you for being my helpmate and companion these past 25 years.

Thank you to my ten super kids for helping me learn to love without counting the cost and for helping me to understand that I'm really not the one in charge of you. (Shhhh...don't read this to your younger siblings). You are masters of your own destiny and I love seeing what you're becoming. God has great things planned for each of you. Never forget that you are special; planned from all eternity to play an important role in this great drama we call life. Reach for the stars, but keep your feet firmly planted on the earth.

I'm grateful for my parents, who gave me life and raised me to be a responsible young adult. They set my feet on the right path and gave me the freedom to set my own course in life. I'm grateful for my grandparents, great-grandparents, and all their parents and grandparents, for if even one of them had not been around or had said "no" to life, then I wouldn't be here either.

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