Monday, October 13, 2008

Young Writer's Program

Attention: Home Educators! Have your students enroll now in the Young Writers Program of National Novel Writing Month.

It's free...and students can create their own word counts. My kids are giving it a go this year. And we downloaded some really creative workbooks from the website, put them on a CD and took it to Kinkos, where they printed them out with a spiral biding and laminated covers. Cost about $15 each (or what you'd pay for a nice workbook). My kids are fighting over the workbooks, so I might have to go and print up some more.

Home Educators don't forget to sign up on the YW site as an Educator and have access to the Teacher's Lounge!

Remember: National Novel Writing Month begins November 1st.


Kalynne Pudner said...

I LOVE this picture! The oldest six look just the way I remember them...only older.

Mary G said...

Oh Debbie -- this sounds great! Thanks so much for posting this. Do you have an educators card at Office Depot -- they might be a bit cheaper?

Off to copy it and get a couple of workbooks printed out.


Debbie said...

Uh...duh...I think I might have an educator's card for Office Depot...somewhere...

Debbie said...

Oldest six used to be so much cuter too!

ipm said...

I wish I'd had this years ago!

good luck to the kinders!!!