Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Inconvenient Truths...published at last!

The online edition of the Denver Rocky Mountain News published my little ditty which I submitted to them for the Speakout section.

It didn't make the print edition. Nor did Catholic Exchange answer my query. The National Catholic Register thanked me but said it was too close to the election. (They have a long lead time).

So, dear readers, please pass the link along to your friends, neighbors and others who might be tempted to vote Democrat. ;-)

By the way...they changed my title...too close to home?

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Gwen said...

The RMN editorial was great. I have to find my way back and make a copy. DD has had a great letter languishing at the DCR for weeks now and I'm going to publish it on Facebook and start sending it 'round. So disappointed they didn't print it although they have one more week. Hmmmm....will anyone actually be voting on Election Day? Feel better Nowaks!!