Sunday, February 21, 2010

When writing about one's children's usually a good idea to have them proof-read what you're writing, particularly if said child is old enough to read.

Such is the case with one of my recent posts about Twixters. In it, I mentioned the struggle we had getting our eldest daughter off to college for the first time and how she was going to pay for it.

She thought I painted a picture of her as a "slacker senior," which she most certainly was not. She and we, her parents, were treading unfamiliar territory and hearing new terms, like "FAFSA," "EFC," and "unsubsidized Stafford" for the first time. I failed to mention (due to short-term memory loss) that she had won a hefty academic scholarship from a private Catholic school and was a finalist on their math scholarship. However, she turned it down to attend a state university. (I have already edited the posting).

She has now graduated and has applied for PhD programs in nuclear physics and medical physics at five different graduate schools across the country. She found out she's not in the 8% of accepted applicants to MIT's program, but has sweet offers from two other schools while she's waiting to hear from the last two schools.

Yes, dear Maria (not her real name, but she knows who she is), we are so proud of you. Even if you don't go to grad school, you've already done something we were told was impossible: you worked your way through school.


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Tammy said...

I read your post and I never got the idea that you were portraying her as a slacker...quite the contrary ! I think you mentioned that she had been awarded some sort of merit scholarships...I think I salivated because I have 2 sons in college who were awarded the sum total of "Jack" and "Squat" to go to school on. The first $50,000 came right out of my salary caring for the dying there were days when I thought "wow, Im working really hard for money I will never see", but I CHOSE that, no one forced me. Now I also have $40,000 in loans...but next year is that last one with 2 in at the same time!!

So rest assured, from my pov, you did no disservice to your daughter, and your consideration in clarifying your post is very kind.