Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 March for Life!

I'm so excited about the March for Life in DC this year and I'm not even attending it.

Last year I watched it live streaming online and I may do that again this year. Two of my college kids will be attending: Giorgio from Franciscan University and Lizzy from DeSales. I'm excited for them and for all the other college students who will be attending this year.

If you can't attend the March in DC but would like to visually show your support, you now can! Go to Virtual March for Life, pick your own avatar and sign up to attend.

As my 14 year-old, Joan, observed last night, lots of people ignore the fact of abortion and what it does to women and their babies. It's not polite to talk about it. It's not something I enjoy talking about, particularly at the dinner table. Frankly, it makes me very uncomfortable. The March for Life is a chance to actually do something positive and to show your commitment to life. The attitude of attendees is very upbeat and joyful. The press may call them "protestors" and try to show the angry ones with the ugly signs, but the vast majority of them radiate a sense of hope and peace.

May we be a sign of hope and peace to all those who are hurting due to abortion.

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