Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's not like there's nothing happening around here...

My husband actually reads my blog and tells me that I should blog more often. I think at least one of my college kids reads my blog too. I wish they would comment every now and then just so I know there are living beings reading this. (hint, hint).

My husband is very encouraging, sending me emails with subject lines like, "For your blog" and "You should really blog about this." I appreciate it, I really do. If I didn't have one million and one things going on at any given moment, I would really love to blog about all the wonderful topics he sends me.

The trouble is that real life keeps intruding into my blogolife. We've celebrated our oldest daughter's graduation from college (yay!!) on December 12th. We're very proud of her and her accomplishments. She majored in Physics and worked very hard, not only in her classes, but also working as an assistant manager for the university catering service. She managed to work her way through school without relying on mom and dad to pay her way. She is now applying to grad schools across the country, hoping to pursue studies in Medical Physics.

I'm promising more updates after the new year and hope everyone who reads this blog has a very joyous Christmas.

We're taking the family to the mountains for the week of Christmas. We'll be staying in a cabin at about 9,000 feet...lots of snow and cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating...and maybe a sleigh ride. There is a lovely little parish nearby, in Granby called Our Lady of the Snow. We're looking forward to midnight Mass there and taking up half the pews.

A very blessed final week of Advent to you all!


Anna Scott Graham said...

Congrats to that oldest girl and I wish for you all such a blessed Christmas!!

Lizzy, Debbie's favourite (note the "u") child said...

Greetings from a college attendee who owes her life, existence, and mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid genes to the most wonderful authoress of this blog. (Whew, that was a long salutation!) Yes, Mumzie dearest, I think that were it not for your daily multitude of maternal tasks (that would take an ordinary person 27.68 hours to complete, assuming an uncounted lunch break at noon), you would certainly storm the battlements of Internetdom with a withering barrage of wit and lyrical prose. As it is, we of your faithful legions of readers must content ourselves with gazing longingly from afar, hoping that this day will be the glorious dawn of a new blog post. Oh, and I just finished my last final, so I'm feeling pretty happy about the world.