Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on recent events regarding my darling son

While my nagging, haranguing, and public humiliation apparently had no effect on my son, the "care package" which I lovingly hand-crafted and filled with special items like 2-for-1 after-Christmas-special broken candy canes and discarded McDonald toys that I stole from my little ones, and a couple pairs of hiking socks that my daughter no longer wanted, apparently had the desired effect. He called me while I was sitting in the dentist's chair getting my teeth cleaned. (Now, isn't that a thoughtful son?) Obviously, I had turned my phone to vibrate, so while the technician was scraping away at my teeth, I had the sensation of a whoopy cushion going off in my pocket. He left me a sweet voice mail (which I have yet to erase, due to it's eloquent and loving tone). It goes something like this:

(heavy sigh) "Oh, hi, Mom. It's me. I got the care package you sent and I wanted you to know that I felt so guilty that I started writing that essay you wanted me to write. I only got half-way though because I'm going to Mass now. Bye."

See? If you can't humiliate them to make them do what you want them to do then just BRIBE them!


Anonymous said...

Debbie- I happened upon your blog by clicking on people who like Charolettes Web. I have read through it and I must say you are an inspiring woman. I am a sahm of 5 kids from the ages of 3-12. I couldn't imagine having 10!!! OK I just wanted to say hello and I enjoyed reading and look forward to further reads :0) GFeel free to visit my blogs if you so desire.

Debbie said...

Hi Teresa! Well...I must say I do like Charlotte's Web very much. I even once named a Boston Fern "Charlotte," in commemoration of the beloved spider. In fact, I love anything by E.B. White...especially, "The Elements of Style."

Anonymous said...

I will look foer "The Elements of Style". Thank you.