Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmases past

Here's a Christmases past photo essay:

Christmas 2002

in England

~Christmas Day 2003~

Our first Christmas back in Colorado after England

~Christmas 2004~

~Christmas 2005~

~Christmas 2006 and record snowfall!~

~Christmas 2007~

(taken on Epiphany, January 6, 2008)

~Christmas 2008~

(this Christmas!)


Mary G said...

Wow! To say they've all aged a bit is an understatement ... of course you and my dear brother still look same as always!

Blessings and hopes for a safe and healthy and happy 2009 -- all went to bed tonight before 12 except middle son who loves to watch mysteries with his mom!

Mary G said...

And, uh, just in case you didn't think of it ... do WE get a copy of this latest and greatest?

Anna said...

oh, they change so fast, and then, poof! little no more...

what a lovely family you have... a most happy 2009 to you all!