Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween and Politics

Somehow it was easier when the kids were little. We had a collection of saints' outfits which I'd made over the years and which could be combined and rearranged to make a myriad of other saints' costumes. After all, Halloween is the eve of All Saints. We would go to All Saints parties and play games designed to inspire our kids to higher levels of sanctity.

Slouching towards Gomorrah, for the past few years we have just done regular ol' Halloween and bought whatever costume is cheapest at the discount stores and isn't one of those "sexy" adult costumes. Sometimes we get creative and make something unique from already owned parts. But for the most part, it's a big headache for Mom, who doesn't feel like putting in hours at the sewing maching so her teens and pre-teens can dress up for Halloween.

So, here you have the results of this year's Halloween: Anakin Skywalker (complete with light saber...looks an awful lot like his taekwondo pose), a witch (she's too pretty to be a "bad" witch!), behind a Transformer, a really lame Sarah Palin striking a Nixonian pose (Tina Fey does a much better imitation), Queen Isabella of Spain, a "gangsta'," Capt. Jack Sparrow, and a Boy Scout/hiker/outdoorsman.

Politically, it was an interesting night...we spent Halloween evening at G'ma's Westminster Obama campaign headquarters. Little bit of 'dissing of Gov. Palin going on. After all, that IS the politically correct thing to do, no matter what your party affiliation, right? At least everyone who is properly indoctrinated on the role of women in society can agree that the women's movement did not authorize attractive women in their mid-40's who are the governor of a state to actually give birth to an imperfect child! The audacity of it all!

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